St. Louis Wing Company, thanks to Chef Bobby Tessler, will definitely change the way we all look at chicken wings. While tossing wings in different sauces is nothing new, Bobby uses his knowledge of food and unique ingredients to step outside the box of traditional chicken wing preparations.

It all started with Chef Bobby Tessler's extreme passion for food and all things culinary. Bobby graduated from Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky with a Degree of Science in Culinary Arts Management. Returning to St. Louis, he worked as an Executive Chef in restaurants suck as Wildflower in the Central West End and Once Upon a Vine on South Grand. Bobby has also had the pleasure of working with other well-known St. Louis chefs including  Lisa Slay, Ivy Magruder, and Steve Gontram. The combination of unexpected ingredients with international flare best describes Bobby's signature in today's culinary industry...

So, why chicken wings people might ask? Simply stated..

"I love chicken wings". I could have, with just as much effort, opened a full-service upscale restaurant if I wanted to, But after working as a chef in those places for so many years and seeing so many ups and downs, that just doesn't appeal to me as much as it used to. Why not focus on one of my favorite comfort foods and make it excellent and unique? I can continue playing with food as I've always done while knocking the socks off of people with fun and interesting new ideas for chicken wings. And that is exactly what I'm doing with St. Louis Wing Company.

With unique recipes such as Cajun Alfredo, Coconut Curry, and Spicy Fresh Jalapeno, along with the St. Louis classic appetizers fried Mozzarella Sticks and Toasted Ravioli served with house made Marinara sauce... St. Louis Wing Company will definitely be a fantastic experience every time you visit!